SMEs Development Support

SMEs in Turkey account for approximately 50% the total value added in the economy and nearly 75% of all jobs in the country, while their added value, employment and number keep increasing.

Under the Turkish government’s priority to enhance the structural foundation of the country and focus on the economy, the vision “National Technology, Strong Industry” and the competitive and high tech edge of Turkish SMEs will continue to strengthen.

Entrepreneurship in Turkey is above the EU average, while skills & innovation, environment, and ‘responsive administration’ are comparable to EU performance.

Besides internationalisation, improvements should mainly focus on:

  • access to finance; mainly improve legislation on late payments and ensure enforcement;
  • ‘second chance’; mainly bring down time to resolve insolvency and promote automatic discharge for honest entrepreneurs after liquidation;
  • innovative production processes; financial and legislative initiatives should be mainly undertaken to support the capacity of SMEs to adopt innovative means of production and related organisational measures, unhindering the commercialisation of R&D.