Technical Knowledge based trainings

Planet Turkey offers a broad range of technical knowledge based trainings, indicatively covering the following subject areas:
Business Management
-Marketing & Sales Strategy
-Human Resources Management
-Change Management
Information & Communication Technologies
-IT Governance
-IT Service Management
-Information Security Management
Project & Contract Management
– Preparing for the PMP & CAMP Certification Examination
– Management and the Organization: The concept of the PMO
– Project Planning with WBS
– Contract Management
Financing Projects
-Winning and Implementing PPP Projects
-Project Finance

Leadership Development & Capacity Building (LDCB)

Planet Turkey offers cutting-edge leadership development and capability building services, with a view of enabling client executives and staff to effectively drive business development and innovation within their organizations.
In this domain, our services are mainly provided in the form of training activities, focused on selected subject areas, which have been defined on the basis of multiple criteria, such as relevance to leadership and cutting-edge issues of global interest.
We provide an integrated learning experience, which is carefully designed and customized to …

Co-funded Private Investments Screening

These services address the needs of private enterprises to plan their investment strategy and gain access to EU funding sources for implementing projects necessary to improve their competitiveness and ensure their viability. Towards this end, PLANET Turkey provides consulting services to both investors and financial institutions involved in such processes.
Specifically, services addressed to Investors include:
• Project Definition and Funding
o Investment project structuring
o Analysis of funding sources (grants, equity, loans) and opportunities
o Feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis
• Project Planning
o Investment project detailed planning
o Project Management structure
o Procurement strategy
o Application for …

Regional Strategy & Policy Development

PLANET Turkey assists governments at central and regional level in economic and social policy development in various sectors.
Elaboration of fully fledged smart specialization strategies constitutes the cornerstone of PLANET Turkey services, including operational planning and technical support for their implementation.
Services provided by PLANET Turkey include:
• Analysis of the overall context and productive & operating environment, including regional economy and entrepreneurial dynamics, sectors and industries, export performance – potential & emerging technologies, human capital – innovation potential & skills for knowledge based …

SMEs Development Support

SMEs in Turkey account for approximately 50% the total value added in the economy and nearly 75% of all jobs in the country, while their added value, employment and number keep increasing.
Under the Turkish government’s priority to enhance the structural foundation of the country and focus on the economy, the vision “National Technology, Strong Industry” and the competitive and high tech edge of Turkish SMEs will continue to strengthen.
Entrepreneurship in Turkey is above the EU average, while skills & innovation, …

Training Delivery

In PLANET Turkey we believe that the most valuable capital of each company in today’s rapidly changing business world in order to be competitive it is essential for each organization that its people constantly develop and upgrade their knowledge and skills. That is why, based on its experience and lessons-learned in long standing successful business practice, we developed the training delivery service, including:
• Identification of training needs and design of training programs
• Delivering seminars and training programs
• Implementation of training …

Strategy & Finance Services

Challenges faced by business enterprises and organizations require the formulation, evaluation and action upon critical decisions that affect their current standing and future development.
Such challenges having mostly a strategic and/or financial nature, we have identified issues of particular significance and have clustered our services in this area around the following themes:

Corporate Strategy & Business Planning
Integrated Restructuring
Privatization Advisory
Corporate & Project Finance
Financial Institutions Transformation

ICT Consulting

In the current highly competitive and dynamic business environment, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are more than ever a critical enabler for an organisation’s success, since it constitutes a source of competitive advantage and an important tool in the effort to automate and streamline business operations.
PLANET Turkey provides ICT Consulting services that help organizations to put ICT assets at the service of their business needs and strategic vision. From the small private enterprises to major public entities, finding the best …

Technical Advisory Services

Further to infrastructure development services directly related to a project’s life cycle distinct phases, PLANET Turkey provides a full range of Technical Advisory Services. Involving both public and private sector, these services address a wide range of needs at all stages of project life cycle, from preparation to monitoring and completion, indicatively including:

Formation of policies at national or regional level, ranging from standards of buildings for various uses and water quality to cadastre development;
Formation of sectoral strategies and policies, including …

Organizational Transformation

Organizational efficiency is an essential element in all transformation and performance improvement efforts. Redefining performance objectives and realigning organisation operations often presupposes its organisational restructuring. The question that regularly arises is which organisational structure is best to host organisation operations in a manner that will lead to improved performance in line with its strategy and prime business choices.
PLANET Turkey works closely with clients to tackle these challenges through the design of robust organisational structures that are fully aligned with anticipated …