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Technical Assistance Project called “Trainings for Aquaculture Fish Farmers and Producers”/ Turkey 03/2016

The project has aimed to increase the skills and capabilities of the fish farmers through trainings and awareness-raising activities for better fish farming, aquaculture, and environmental protection. the financier and Contracting Authority is National Fund and East Anatolia Development Agency in TRB2 Region. the Contractor Planet Turkey A.Ş. and the beneficiary is the Fish Farmers in selected districts.

Technical Assistance for Increasing Ethical Awareness among Elected and Non-Elected Local Government Officials/ Turkey 01/2019 –01/2021

The overall objective of the project is to contribute efforts embedding ethics and combatting corruption at local administrations in accordance with priorities set in the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) II Indicative Strategy Paper for Turkey along with European Standards. The purpose of the project is to promote an ethical culture and minimize unethical behavior and corruption among the elected and non-elected government officials during their service provisions.

HORIZON 2020 “POP-MACHINA-Collaborative production for the circular economy; a community approach” / Turkey 06/2019 – 05/2023

POP MACHINA – Collaborative production for the circular economy; a community approach- is a big -10.000.000 Euros – European Project of the H2020 Research and Innovation Programme with 23 partners from all over Europe. The coordinator is the Catholic University of Leuven from Belgium. The Project addresses the Societal Challenge “Climate action, environment, resource efficiency, and raw materials” that started on the 1st of June 2019 and will end on the 31st of May 2023.
POP-MACHINA aims to demonstrate the power and potential of the maker movement and collaborative production for the EU circular economy. It aspires to set up and/or empower communities of makers who are willing to follow the key principles of the circular economy, thus fostering social inclusion, making cities more sustainable.
POP-MACHINA’s urban development framework along with its methodologies and collaborative production tools will be implemented as pilot projects in 7 local administrations namely Leuven, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Santander, Istanbul, Kaunas, and Venlo, demonstrating how circular community-based collaborative manufacturing can help cities move towards a more circular economy model.

Technical assistance for prevention of corruption and promotion of ethics 11/2015-11/2017

The aim of the Project is to contribute to the prevention of corruption in Turkey in accordance with uropean and other international standards, embedding an ethical environment and culture in society through strengthening the Council of Ethics for Public Services (CEPS) and NGOs, and ensuring a sustainable collaboration among NGOs, public and private sectors on ethics.

Institutional capacity building for development of the research & technological infrastructure of Gaziantep Technopark 04/2014 – 04/2016

The aim of the Project has been to support the Ministry of Science, Industry & Technology to adopt a new strategy for further developing & functioning the scientific and technological parks in the country, based on the transfer of global best practice, and to assist the Gaziantep Technopark to upgrade its managerial, technological and networking performance through new strategic plans, roadmaps, feasibility studies, capacity building, coaching and training.

Technical assistance for increasing adaptability of employers and employees to the changes in global economy

The Overall Objective of the Project was to upgrade human capital, increase the adaptability of employees and employers, and support sustainable economic growth and social development. This objective was accomplished through the provision of training to SMEs in 15 Turkish provinces, the capacity building of chambers and other social partners and public institutions as training providers, and the enhancement of coordination and cooperation among related actors.

Stakeholders analysis and consultation on transport services for People with Reduced Mobility

The aim of this Project was to prepare the way for further and concise activities to improve the accessibility of the public and private transport services for people with mobility restraints. Activities included the specification of the legal status of a Permanent Platform for accessibility for all, stakeholder analysis, and preparation of the Terms of References for the ‘transport accessibility for all’ project.

Review and advancement of the remedial works carried out for strengthening the soil bearing capacity under the extended aeration tanks in Nevsehir Wastewater Treatment Plant

The aim of this Project was to improve the environmental condition of the Karaağaç Creek and Kızılırmak River by reducing the pollution load, through the construction of Nevşehir Wastewater Treatment Plant (Nevşehir WWTP). The services provided included: (i) review of the Initial Structural Calculation Report and Drawings prepared by the design group, (ii) review of Ground Injection Method of Statement and Evaluation of the Recorded Results and assessment of the benefits gained from on the soil bearing capacity, (iii) review and checking of the Calculation Report and Drawings for Extra Concrete Jacketing and evaluation of the necessity of this additional structural work, (iv) Core Drilling for Extra Concrete Jacketing, (v) Ferro Scanning to view the installed dowels and reinforcement of the Jacketing Structure, (vi) One year continuous measurement of settlement control of the entire Extended Aeration Tank.

Institutional building of TCU regarding Information Technology System in Ministry of Transport

The project’s objective was to improve the technical capacity of the Turkish Ministry of Transport, by providing support for the establishment of a transport information model, for the collection, analysis and management of all required data, similarly used by other relevant databases in the EU. Amongst others, the project activities included the needs assessment for the model, training seminars to local officers, visits to relevant EU bodies, project requirements and tender documents preparation.

Technical Assistance for “New Fields for a New Life” Project

The main goal of this Project was to facilitate the establishment of a sports facility to be used as a focus point to organize training sessions, in order to enhance the social inclusion of vulnerable groups, such as young children. The services provided included the social assessment of the project, the preparation of the technical drawings, the preparation of the dossier and the cost analysis for 15 principal and 3 substitute project sites to be selected for the construction of the facilities.

Technical assistance to the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) to fully comply with European Union Capital Markets standards, through the preparation of a strategic information systems plan

The major goal of this Project was to form a framework for the facilitation and support of the operation of a pan-European common investment services market according to the EU Investment Services Directive. The services provided included the preparation of a Strategic Information Systems Plan (SISP) to support the usage of information technology across all major functions, departments and business areas, to eliminate the gaps and to avail of strategic technology. Also, the improvement of the data gathering system (financial statements, balance sheets and special circumstances of publicly held companies and intermediaries) through the usage of an Electronic Application and Data Gathering System (EDGAS). What’s more, the improvement of the surveillance system of capital markets in accordance with the national legislation in order to enhance the efficiency of market surveillance process at both the CMB and the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE).

Business plans, Access to Funding & Project Finance services to SME’s and Large Enterprises

The aim of this series of projects and assignments was to develop the fundamental tools to guide the business operation of Small-Medium and large Enterprises in different business disciplines: finance, human resource management, operations management and marketing, as well as to identify possible funding sources for Small-Medium and large Enterprises leading to economic growth and increased competitiveness.

Consultancy services in the framework of EU funded “Hermes Project”

Provision of management consultancy services in the framework of the EU Hermes Project, which was accompanying the Information Technology Nodes activities of the European Commission by developing demonstrators and organizing workshops in the selected areas, i.e. Technologies for Business Processes and Smart Organizations, Electronic Commerce, Multimedia content and tools and e-Technologies.

Logo Gold Implementation Project with the world’s leading supplier of customized and standard test instruments and systems

The project aimed to support the company entering non-conventional test areas such as broadcasting, network timing synchronization and distributed measurement and control for electric utilities. For this purpose, Supply Chain Management issues were investigated and documented during the Current State Analysis Phase of the project.