News for POP-MACHINA: A HORIZON 2020 Project

18 Nov 2019


Plenary Consortium Meeting

PLANET TURKEY participated in the plenary Consortium meeting of the POP MACHINA project in Venlo Netherlands on the 7 and 8 of November.

The general strategy and methodology for mobilizing the makers communities were agreed and the planning of the Cities’ Communities launching workshops.

Dissemination Event in Istanbul 28 November 2019

PLANET Turkey is preparing together with the other partners the first presentation to the authorities, the press and the general public of the POP MACHINA project objectives and activities and how the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will benefit from them on a major dissemination event to take place in Istanbul on the 28 November 2019.

A City Profile Workshop in Istanbul 29 November 2019

PLANET Turkey will co-organise with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the KOC University on the 29 November 2019 the City Profile Workshop with the participation of the main stakeholders from the Administration , the local business associations , research and  and Universities to discuss their needs ,priorities and expectations  in view of the preparation of the Pilot Project for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.