About Us

Planet Turkey’s presence is directly related to the history of PLANET S.A., the largest member of Planet Group, a privately owned company having as shareholders its top management and the National Bank of Greece, and being a leading consulting firm in South Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean since 1987. PLANET TURKEY S.A. (Planet Turkey Yönetim ve Geliştirme Danışmanlık Anonim Şirketi) is the Turkish company of the Group, with a long history and presence in Turkey and the neighbouring region for almost 20 years.

PLANET TURKEY is a member of PLANET GROUP and builds on its strong international presence and long-standing successful experience in supporting public and private organizations to strengthen institutional capacity, implement operations improvement and manage complex projects.

Since 2000, Planet Turkey has been providing successful and value-added solutions in Turkey and the neighbouring region in the field of Management & ICT consulting, as well as Project Management services to private companies and government agencies. Furthermore, it has been undertaking major international donor funded projects, providing constructive advice and practical solutions to exploit local potential.

Planet Turkey’s HQ are located in Ankara, while Planet Turkey Anatolia office is a branch office of Planet Turkey, established in Van to efficiently coordinate the company’s activity in Eastern Turkey through a close interaction with the regional bodies. Black Sea Region is covered by Planet Offices in Trabzon.


Major Views

Become the strongest consulting companie in Turkey, efficiently contributing to national, economic and regional development, responding to the challenges and plans presented by the EU, TR and other international donors.


Our Aims

Contributing the regional and local development of Turkey, and competitiveness both in national and international level by implementing projects with long lasting impact.



In 2000, Planet S.A. acquired the management consulting activity of Ernst & Young in Turkey under the company name EYC, established in Istanbul. EYC was renamed to Planet Turkey in 2013 and moved its seat to Ankara the next year.

During the last 2 decades, the company has been active in the areas of:

Strategic Consulting
Business Consulting
Business Transformation Management
Information Technology Consulting
Enterprise Resource Planning Software Application Consulting.

Planet Turkey has offered multiple services to both the private and the public sector.

It has provided management consulting services to numerous private enterprises and public sector bodies among which COCA-COLA, EFES PAZARLAMA, ECZACIBASI GIRISIM PAZARLARMA, EFES BREWERY, AZERCELL, the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services (ex. Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and Ministry of Family and Social Policy), Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation and others.

It has supported the modernization of the Turkish public sector by exploiting EU funds made available in the form of Technical Assistance for various Turkish Authorities and organizations including the Ministry of Industry and Technology (ex. Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology), Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, the Central Finance & Contracts Unit (CFCU), the Capital Market Board, the Council of Ethics for Public Services, multiple regional/ local authorities and Regional Development Agencies, chambers of commerce and industry, universities and research & technological entities, and others.

Financial services have been providing to important representatives of the Turkish banking sector including among others the UNITED BULGARIAN BANK and DEMIRBANK.