Technical assistance to the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) to fully comply with European Union Capital Markets standards, through the preparation of a strategic information systems plan

The major goal of this Project was to form a framework for the facilitation and support of the operation of a pan-European common investment services market according to the EU Investment Services Directive. The services provided included the preparation of a Strategic Information Systems Plan (SISP) to support the usage of information technology across all major functions, departments and business areas, to eliminate the gaps and to avail of strategic technology. Also, the improvement of the data gathering system (financial statements, balance sheets and special circumstances of publicly held companies and intermediaries) through the usage of an Electronic Application and Data Gathering System (EDGAS). What’s more, the improvement of the surveillance system of capital markets in accordance with the national legislation in order to enhance the efficiency of market surveillance process at both the CMB and the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE).