Review and advancement of the remedial works carried out for strengthening the soil bearing capacity under the extended aeration tanks in Nevsehir Wastewater Treatment Plant

The aim of this Project was to improve the environmental condition of the Karaağaç Creek and Kızılırmak River by reducing the pollution load, through the construction of Nevşehir Wastewater Treatment Plant (Nevşehir WWTP). The services provided included: (i) review of the Initial Structural Calculation Report and Drawings prepared by the design group, (ii) review of Ground Injection Method of Statement and Evaluation of the Recorded Results and assessment of the benefits gained from on the soil bearing capacity, (iii) review and checking of the Calculation Report and Drawings for Extra Concrete Jacketing and evaluation of the necessity of this additional structural work, (iv) Core Drilling for Extra Concrete Jacketing, (v) Ferro Scanning to view the installed dowels and reinforcement of the Jacketing Structure, (vi) One year continuous measurement of settlement control of the entire Extended Aeration Tank.