PLANET TURKEY has a long history and presence in Turkey and the neighboring region. Its operation started in the early 2000s, as the result of the acquisition of Ernst & Young Management Consulting Company in Turkey by PLANET S.A., the leading Greek consulting company in South Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean.

For more than 15 years the company has been providing successful and value-added solutions, in the field of Management & ICT consulting, as well as Project Management services to private companies and government agencies. Furthermore, it has been undertaking major International Donor funded projects, providing constructive advice and practical solutions to exploit local potential.

The company builds on the strong international presence and long-standing successful experience of PLANET GROUP in supporting public and private organisations to strengthen institutional capacity, implement operations improvement and manage complex projects.

Planet Turkey’s HQ are located in Ankara, while Planet Turkey Anatolia office is a branch office of Planet Turkey, established in Van to efficiently coordinate the company’s activity in Eastern Turkey through a close interaction with the regional bodies.

PLANET S.A., the largest company of PLANET GROUP, is privately owned, having as shareholders its top management and the National Bank of Greece, further strengthening the company’s leading profile and prospects. Since 1987 PLANET has been present in most major interventions, transformations and infrastructure investments supporting clients across all sectors of the economy and the public sector.

Our History

In 2000, Ernst & Young in Turkey separated its consulting activity to a standalone company called EYC, which was acquired by PLANET S.A., the leading Greek consulting company in South Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. The vision of EYC was to provide successful and value-added solutions, in the field of Management and ICT consulting, to private companies and government agencies.

EYC was renamed to PLANET TURKEY in 2013 and moved to its new premises in Ankara the next year.

During the last 15 years, the company has been active in the areas of:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Transformation Management
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software Application Consulting.

While its portfolio of services included:

  • management consulting services to private enterprises and public sector bodies
  • financial services for the banking sector
  • support the modernization of the Turkish public sector by exploiting the EU funds made available in the form of Technical Assistance

Indicative consulting services to private enterprises and public entities include:

  • COCA-COLA, EFES PAZARLAMA AND ECZACIBASI GIRISIM PAZALARMA: Integration of Sales & Distribution systems of the three companies with the TurkeCom – Consumer Packaged Goods E-Marketplace.
  • EFES BREWERY: Design and implementation of an integrated internet Pub Chain offering alcoholic drinks, food, internet and on-line entertainment.
  • AZERCELL: Development of a program management process and establishment of the necessary infrastructure in order to evaluate, categorize, prioritize, and launch infrastructure projects.
  • UNITED BULGARIAN BANK: Redesign of the customer service and operations processes with the aim of creating a customer oriented approach.
  • ENKA: Development of strategic framework and process transformation plan, covering sectors, products, customers and distribution channels.
  • CAPITAL MARKET BOARD: technical assistance to ensure compliance of the Capital Market Board of Turkey with the European Union Capital Markets standards, through the preparation of a Strategic Information Systems Plan.
  • MINISTRY OF LABOUR AND SOCIAL SECURITY: provision of technical assistance for increasing the adaptability of Employers and Employees to the changes in global economy, by increasing knowledge, strengthening their capacity and enhancing cooperation.
  • MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY: provision of technical assistance for the development of the research & technological infrastructure of the Gaziantep Technopark.
  • COUNCIL OF ETHICS FOR PUBLIC SERVICES (CEPS): provision of technical assistance for the prevention of corruption and promotion of ethics.
  • Technical Assistance services to Turkish authorities through a number of Framework Contracts funded by the EU during periods 2019-2013 and 2013-2017, in the fields of Transport & Infrastructure, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Energy and nuclear safety, Governance and Home affairs, Trade, Standards and Private Sector, Macro economy, Statistics and Public Finance Management.